The International Football Association Board have revised some of the rules and Laws of the beautiful game for 2016-2017 and the following questions and answers are well worth a readĀ for both players and fans.

1. The Field of Play

Q1. Why is it not allowed for the field of play to have some parts which are grass and some which are artificial?

A1. This is for safety reasons as different footwear is needed for artificial and grass surfaces, especially in wet weather conditions. There is also a potential danger that the ‘boundary’ where grass and artificial surfaces meet could become uneven and dangerous.

Q2. Why is it suggested that in the Practical Guidelines that if there is a corner flag missing the game should be played?

A2. The IFAB wants to encourage football, especially at the lowest levels, and if, for example a corner flag(s) is missing the game can still be played without problems. The matter must be reported afterwards but at least everyone will have played a match.


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