The football revolution in Nettleham started by Scott Russell is now taking shape so SportsLinc asked its leader to explain the philosophies and styles his teams are aiming to adopt.

He said: “Our style of play will be high tempo with the players working really hard to get the ball back off the opposition.

“We will be patient in possession and instil enough confidence in the players so they can play two or three touch football.

“They all need excellent levels of fitness.”

We asked Scott what he had picked up from the Euros so far.

He replied: “England play well when out of possession and they close down opponents quickly.

“Italy like to hit the number ten in the pocket just off the main striker.

“Spain are very patient in possession.

“The Republic of Ireland use their overlapping full backs to force the opposition back.

“The Germans counter-attack and punish teams who lose the ball cheaply.”

SportsLinc then asked Scott about the basic football philosophy proposed at Nettleham.

He said: “We want players who show hunger and who will fight for each other and who in turn will develop their own skills by trusting in the ethos of the coaching team.

“Confidence is half the battle. If they believe they can, they will. If they doubt they can, they won’t.

“I want my squad to be proactive and not reactive.

“If they want to play predictable long ball football they can go and join a men’s Sunday League team in Division Five!

“The majority of players see football in 2D. Our aim is to develop them into seeing it in 3D and understanding the game better or as I call it ‘good game management’ understanding why you, the player, do things in a certain way.

“Total Football is not just physical but mental too!”

SportsLinc wishes everyone involved in the Nettleham Football Revolution all the very best.


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