SportsLinc is following the progress of local boxer Nathan Decastro and we caught up with his fitness trainer Sam Vickers who explained how to get a fighter in the right shape for a bout.

Vickers said: “Strength and conditioning is quite a common buzz word within the sports industry these days with many people claiming to have been trained within the area.

“Unfortunately this is rarely the case.

“Unlike some forms of physical training, strength and conditioning requires more than just a selection of exercises and producing physical exertion in someone.

“The whole discipline is scientific -based whereby the athlete is tested and screened individually to discover his or her postural/physical strengths and weaknesses.

“From the information gained a programme is created specific to that person. Exercises are chosen to develop limitations which relate closely to the movements performed in a particular sport, in this case boxing.

“Nathan like all athletes had some dysfunctions that have affected his performances and training capabilities and as a result which caused injuries.

“Since our short time together he has progressed incredibly in all areas through training hard and training smart.

“There is much more that goes in the process of strength and conditioning than first meets the eye.”

Sam Vickers will keep us up to date with Nathan’s progress and will further explain the importance of strength and conditioning in future articles.

Sam is available for advice on training and recovery from sports injuries via email on

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