In my experience of running over the past 20 years I have always found it easier to run when I am carrying less weight. That seems to make sense.

The problem however with our modern lifestyle  is that it is so tempting to grab a burger and sit at a desk  in front of a computer screen all day.

How can you ensure that the training you do can counteract the effects of everyday living?

High intensity training such as interval work is one way to help boost your fitness and perhaps you can experience the joys of a parkrun as part of your programme.

Building up strength and stamina by hitting some hills can be effective. Moreover running uphill does not have the additional impact and stress that is placed through your legs when running much faster on the flat.

Finally strength and conditioning work in the gym may help prevent injury and improve running economy.

I refuse to get into the argument about low/high carbs or low/high fat diets!

Acknowledgement to GB international runner Louise Damen for some of the content of this article.


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