Some cricket matches in the Lincolnshire leagues may soon have to be played without umpires, it has been warned.

There is such a shortage of the men in white coats that decisions are now being made as to which matches receive two umpires, which receive one and which receive none at all.

That is why Gareth Dowson the Lincoln Area Training officer for umpires is organizing courses at Grantham Cricket Club in October and at the University of Lincoln next January.

“We are drastically short of umpires not only in the Lincoln area but also around Grimsby and Scunthorpe,” he said.

“It would be a godsend to have more recruits. Without officials we are going to have a real problem in a few years’ time.

“Anyone who thinks they know a little bit about the game and have played at some level can gain the Level One qualification and become an affiliated umpire.

“We are running two courses in order to bring more interest from people all over the county.”

Anyone interested can email Gareth on

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