Forget dominoes. Forget shove ha’penny. Forget table skittles. There is a new kid on the block arriving very soon.

Bell Target Shooting is being developed in community pubs to attract more punters and introduce a new generation to the art of shooting.

The idea is to hit a nine inch square target from a distance of around seven yards at the centre of which is a hole the size of a 10 pence piece.

If you score a bulls eye the bell will ring and you score 10 points. Hit the area surrounding the centre and you will score fewer points accordingly.

The game is being developed in pubs at Hainton and Lissington.

Organizer Dave Carter told SportsLinc: “If there is enough interest in the area we will set up a league.”

Dave Carter will be chatting to Peter Hayward on Siren’s Mix and Match sports show on Saturday June 18th about all things shooting.


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