The off-season doesn’t have to drag for footballers: I have the answer

May and June can be pretty boring months for those players not involved in finals and play-offs.

Let’s be fair, it can drag a little.

It may be time to spend a little more time in shopping centres with your partner or even invite the mother-in-law round for a barbeque, though it shouldn’t hopefully reach that stage.

What can you do for eight weeks to fill your weekends?

Well, for a start you can look outside the back door and see the mess.

Am I right? If so, read on. If not, ignore me at your peril.

Gardening may sound like bowls. You know, flat cap and over 60s. Not so.

A garden is like an open-air conservatory, an extension to your humble abode, even a place to sit and dream of the goals you are going to score next season providing you don’t play in goal.

So make a start. This is how you do it:

  1. Clear away everything so you have a completely blank canvas. This may involve a few trips to the tip but it’s worth it. You can now see exactly how much space you have.
  2. Have a sit down with your partner to decide what you both want. Air your views but obviously put into practice what your partner wants. This is an excellent way of collecting brownie points.
  3. Go down to the allotments and have a chat with the experts who will be more than happy to give you advice. Perhaps the language may be colourful at times but that’s the price to pay for their words of wisdom.
  4. Go for it. Imagine you are creating the world’s greatest garden. It might well be but who cares? It will provide you with a sense of achievement ranked alongside winning the County Cup or Man of the Match.
  5. Sit back and relax with your glass of red wine and your mind on your hollyhocks, which can be painful. The season will soon come round but in the meantime enjoy the fruits of your labour (possibly literally) and bask in the praise showered upon you by your greatest fan. ENJOY.

Peter Hayward

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