Gainsborough Match Off

Gainsborough Trinity’s FA Trophy First Round tie at Spennymoor Town has been postponed for the second time in four days.

The goal mouth at one end is still frozen over.

This means the Blues’ last four scheduled games have been postponed which must be frustrating for managers, players and fans alike.

Postponements can inevitably lead to a backlog of fixtures which in turn adds more pressure on all concerned.

What’s the answer? Most non-League clubs operate on a part-time basis and can’t afford the luxury of a posse of paid ground staff or even pitch covers and hot air blowers.

Perhaps some of the money being pumped into the Premier League could perhaps find its way to this level of the beautiful game.

Somehow though, I doubt it. The game is run by big business which tends to wear its heart on its balance sheet rather than its sleeve.

Peter Hayward

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