New Ground Development at Ashby Avenue

Lincoln United chairman, Rob Bradley aims to make the Sun Hat Villas stadium more accessible to people with disabilities within the next 18 months.

Well-known Lincoln fundraisers Frank Connell and Joe Cooke have joined forces with Lincoln United to develop an area at the Ashby Avenue and have already contributed £1,000 towards the proposed new stand.

Discussions have already taken place between Chairman Rob Bradley and Lincoln-born Frank Connell and both are optimistic that the project can be completed within 18 months.

Plans for the project, as well as costings are now being prepared.

The recently-launched ‘Whites Weekly Winner’ will go towards the costs involved.

Frank Connell said: “I cannot walk without crutches and for me to go and see sport of any type is really very, very difficult.

I feel we need better areas at our sports venues in Lincoln for people with disabilities.

We are starting the project at Lincoln United and I see no reason why we can’t go all over the county to spread this idea.

I want to see everybody able to follow community sport in whatever way they want to.

This project will prove that Lincoln is a forward-looking city.

I have got a dream and I know this project will happen.”

Connell’s business partner, Joe Cooke said: “This project is one I am proud to support and is long overdue.

I was surprised to learn that very few football clubs had purpose-built facilities for people with disabilities where they could stay warm and dry during a match.

Lincoln United should be applauded for this initiative.”

Whites’ Chairman, Rob Bradley is fully supportive of the plan. It is one of many new ideas and initiatives that have been proposed since he took over as Chairman earlier this year.

He said: “At Lincoln United we are committed to providing the best facilities we can for everyone who wishes to watch us play.

Whilst our ground is good we recognise it can be difficult for fans with disabilities to see the action well and be under cover.

It is our ambition to lift the club to a higher level both on and off the pitch.

This initiative will play a significant part in making the Sun Hat Villas stadium accessible for all as part of our work to improve all aspects of Lincoln United FC.”

Peter Hayward

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