You may find strolling down the High Street and taking a leisurely look in the windows relaxing.

And you would probably be right.

Contrast this however with trying to pick up a bargain in the sales in search of that one player who could add that necessary sparkle to your team.

Now that can be frustrating and certainly no fun!

Danny and Nicky Cowley at Sincil Bank are going through that process right now.

Their shopping list is as yet unknown but we can surmise they base their decisions on the following criteria:

  1.  The person comes before the player. In short, no big-time ‘Charlies’.
  2. The ability to fit in with the squad
  3. The willingness to accept a new training environment including a different fitness regime.
  4. Hard work and enthusiasm.
  5. Team before individual.

Funding  also plays a major part of any shopping spree.

Hopefully any income earned from last year’s success will be released and not tied up in anything other than providing cash for Danny and Nicky to go out and buy the players who fit the bill.

Peter Hayward


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