The Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls secured their second
consecutive win in this year’s British Championship tournament
against Northampton’s Vendetta Vixens.

On Saturday 20th May the scene was set. Bombers vs Vixens. Last time
these teams met on the track, LBRG lost by a mere two points and there
was no way we were going to let that happen again! The Bombers dominated
from the start with Mills chasing down the Vixens jammer to force the
call off. Later, an error from the Vixen jammer, who called off the jam
when she was not lead, opened up an opportunity for the Bombers to rack
up some points and really break away. Invincibeel did not disappoint and
managed to put in a strong show of a power jam. With eight minutes left
of the first half, LBRG had accrued 100 points to the Vixen’s 13.
Another power jam paved the way for the Bombers to add even more to
their total and the half ended with a score of LBRG 133-42 VV.

The Bombers resumed the second half with their point-scoring ways.

Some strong performances from a now wider rotation of LBRG
jammers meant it was tough for the Vixens to contain the vast array of
skills on display. Just when everyone thought it was over, the Vixens
bench coach called for an official review. Although the referees upheld
their decision, one more jam was called for. Mizza Murica stepped up to
jam and the Bomber bench held its breath; lead jammer once again for
Mizza! A couple of cheeky scoring passes later and the actual final
whistle was blown with a final score of LBRG 304-92 VV. A fantastic
performance from LBRG – well done ladies!

Zoe Mills


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