One of the biggest events on this year’s sporting calendar is the Lincoln Half Marathon which takes place on Sunday, 2nd October starting and finishing at the Lincolnshire Showground.

SportsLinc has compiled a weekly training schedule for this eventĀ for runners who have built up to running 20-30 miles over four or five days a week.

It assumes that a typical training pace is 9-11 minute-miling though it is suitable for faster runners who want to get the best out of lower mileages.

This half-marathon schedule is ideal for those planning racing this distance for the first time.

Week 1

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 10 min jog, 5x2mins fast (or 400m) with 2 min jog recoveries.

Wednesday: Rest or 25-35 mins slow

Thursday: 25-35 mins slow

Firday: Rest

Saturday 25-35 mins slow

Sunday 40-50 mins slow.

Good luck and enjoy!!


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