Lincoln City boss Danny Cowley has much in common with world-famous managers like Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte and Pep Guardiola when it comes to ambition, vision and knowledge of the beautiful game.

Like his iconic counterparts, Cowley is a football academic who studies the game in an attempt to better both himself and the team.

This is what puts him ahead of the pack.

His team has beaten sides with better players, for example Oldham Athletic, Ipswich, Brighton and Premiership outfit Burnley which is no fluke.

His analysis and research that goes into the preparation for a match is obsessive.

This allows him to make sure his players know what to expect from the opposition.

They also know exactly what job they have to carry out.

Cowley and his brother, Nicky let players to think for themselves and play with freedom. In short, they encourage their charges to express themselves within the structure of the formation.

The former Braintree manager admits he has learned from his mistakes but always remains positive.

Chelsea and both Manchester clubs may have global icons in charge.

Don’t be surprised if one day they are joined by the present Lincoln City boss.

There is no doubt in my mind that Danny Cowley will join that elite group within the next five years.

Peter Hayward


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