Double Dozen is a new form of cricket we have designed, predominantly indoor but we have done couple of outdoor festivals last summer which we hope to expand this year.
The junior game aims to develop junior players throughout the winter whilst the senior game is very different. It is there to get people active, have a laugh and get into cricket.
Most of the people involved in the Senior Double Dozen League have never really played cricket or any other form of cricket besides double dozen and it goes down really well with age group.
The Lincoln Double Dozen league has been running for a couple of years now and it keeps growing.

We now have 12 teams involved made up of local businesses and organisations including Lincolnshire Cop-op, Lincoln United and The University. The plan is to expand this model to a north and south league in Lincolnshire and then perhaps further afield to other counties.

I have been working on double dozen over the winter to really try and brand it and make it different from other forms of indoor cricket (besides the rules) and this is what we will be launching in a couple of weeks’ time.

Different shaped bats, branded stumps and flashing bails are all part of the game. We also plan to get team shirts for the teams eventually too.

 We will be launching/testing all this with a match between the Lincolnshire Co-op and a team entered by Scott Borman who is the Head of the Midlands for the ECB.

The evening will be 6-8pm on Thursday 4th May at City Priory Academy School on Skellingthorpe Road.

Kit Spence
Lincolnshire Cricket

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