Manager Scott Russell was unable to field a team for the last three remaining fixtures so walkover victories were awarded to those opposition sides affected.

It was a very disappointing end to what was the Nettleham outfit’s maiden season.

However for the majority of the campaign the team has been competitive in patches although it took the young Nettles quite a time to start performing on the pitch and gaining points.

The club has a five-year development plan whose main objectives this season were:

  1. Be competitive in league games
  2. Have at least four players go on to represent the 1st team
  3. Have two players become part of the 1st team squad for next year

Boss Russell said: “We have actually had seven players represent the 1st team this season.

“This is an incredible achievement and shows the pathway for youngsters going into senior football has worked well at Nettleham.

“While the season hasn’t ended how we want it, I believe we have achieved, no over-achieved on our year one targets.”


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