Perhaps I am becoming a little tight-fisted as I grow older. Perhaps I don’t keep up with the times. It’s just that I believe paying over £25 for a 10k race and £35 for a marathon is a little on the steep side.

I am sure that only 15 years ago I was forking out less than a tenner to race over  six miles with a half marathon costing not much more.

Surely the cost of living hasn’t risen so much in such a short space of time that I now enter races reluctantly because the entry fee is somewhat exorbitant.

And just as we were seeing running and racing promoted as being free thanks to the wonderful Parkruns, we now have a parish council near Bristol ready to start charging us for the ‘privilege’ of running in the park as a group.

It has recently dawned on me that running is now big business and because organisations can spot  a captive audience a mile away (or even 10K) out come the pounds signs.

I suppose in a way we should consider ourselves lucky compared to our friends across the pond where entry into the New York Marathon comes in at around £230. They always do things bigger over there though don’t they?

I do understand the costs associated with races. I don’t understand the huge prize money awarded to London Marathon winners.

I have a cunning plan. Someone organise The People’s Race where entry is a fiver and the prize for all competitors is the joy of running.

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