Many managers nowadays adopt a form of psychological warfare in the build-up to big games in order to try steal a march on the opposition.

Sir Alex Ferguson was past master of the art. Jose Mourinho is carrying on the tradition.

York City boss Gary Mills this week began with a war of words directed against the Cowley brothers who he claimed were trying to get his players either booked or sent off.

The response warranted the type of reaction Graham Taylor would have used: “We don’t use that type of talk here.”

We see boxers threatening their opponents and questioning each other’s parentage before a big fight.

That is par for the course.

But do we really need that type of razzamatazz in the beautiful game?

I don’t think so and neither does Danny Cowley.

He has too much dignity and self-respect to lower his standards to the level of some managers in the National League.

Peter Hayward



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