Since the start of the season I have been trying to find out the difference in ability between higher league players and those who ply their trade in the National League.

Lincoln City’s glorious run to the quarter final of the FA Cup offered no evidence as the Imps dispatched  teams from League One, the Championship (twice) and the Premier League.

It was the Arsenal game that solved the issue.

Nothing to do with fitness or spirit.

Put simply, the Gunners were quicker over five metres and therefore in the second half were able to get to the ball first.

This is not being disrespectful to Danny Cowley’s team.

Arsenal had 11 international footballers paid a weekly wage unheard of in normal life.

They should have won and did so despite a scare in the first half.

In order to make it to the very top, players have to be as quick off the mark as international athletes and not everyone is blessed with that type of speed.






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