Ignore any talk of Arsenal Football Club imploding.

They may have been humiliated last night against Bayern Munich and boss Arsene Wenger is seemingly under increasing pressure to call it a day.

In fact some of the less charitable directives aimed at him read ‘stubborn, stale, clueless’.

But we must also remember that the Gunners have never failed to finish in the top four of the Premier League in the last 13 years.

There may be few smiles at the Emirates at the moment but you can rest assured a club this size doesn’t spend too much time in the doldrums.

Nevertheless I believe this famous old club’s misery will continue on Saturday at the hands of Lincoln City.

The odds of an upset are huge but that hasn’t stopped me putting a fiver on Danny Cowley’s team reaching the semi-final of the FA Cup.

History will made in London this weekend.

Peter Hayward




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