You would think that an experienced, professional footballer of 15 years’ standing would know all about the game.

Not so.

Imps’ boss Danny Cowley believes that players can learn new things on a daily basis whether it be tactics or skills.

This belief is backed up by Cese Fabregas who told the ‘I’ newspaper today: “With Antonio (Conte) as manager, I am learning new things, new situations, new manners, new football and a new philosophy.

“It all makes a difference.

“Even in training I am learning.”

Lincoln City have a group of players who are willing to learn and who have embrace a philosophy which may have been alien to them before.

They accept the fact that they may not play every game.

They understand that the team needs to change according to the situation.

This philosophy is shared by Fabregas who has spent much of the season on the bench.

He said: “In the beginning, when I didn’t play, I told people not to speak to me because I was really upset.

“But now that changes with time, age, maturity and experience, which all help you to understand that the most important thing is always the team.”

Ask any Lincoln City about the importance of what Fabregas believes and each and every one of them will say: ‘There is no ‘I ‘ in team’.

Peter Hayward


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