Arsenal areĀ favourites to beat Lincoln City in the FA Cup quarter-final on Saturday week.

Why? Because the Imps are classed asĀ underdogs, a team expected to lose.

According to FA Chairman Greg Clarke: “The desire of the underdog is an unusual characteristic in our nation.

“If you go to other countries, they like to see the big teams win.

“In our country, we like to see the little guy beat the big guy.

“The underdog is close to the heart of all British football fans.”

Well the underdog is not close to my heart, Greg.

I despise the word with a vengeance.

When fans and players utter those three syllables, I cringe.

Why? Because it’s an admission of defeat.

It immediately gives the opponents the upper hand.

Winners are not underdogs and Lincoln City are a team of winners.

Peter Hayward





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