Tonight we travelled to a big away fixture. Fortunately not to Burnley, but to another fortress; Loughborough University.

With reports that top of the league David Lloyd were missing their number 1  and potentially vulnerable to dropping points, we wanted to get as many points as possible to put the pressure on. 

With super sub Daniel Hebert picked up along the way, the journey consisted of talk about Lincoln’s recent performance so we didn’t just have to listen to Neil the whole way. 

On first was junior Harry at number 1, and without being rude, he made mincemeat of his opponent (their team order was slightly suspect) but nonetheless a win is a win and we were 1-0 up. 

On the adjacent court at number 4 was Chris, who’d informed me that he’d not had a drink since New Years Eve, something that wasn’t necessarily evident with his weight. Nevertheless Chris is a good match player and showed sublime skill to dispatch his opponent 3-1. 

Unfortunately then it was my turn at number 2 and with one match under my belt in the past month and with a holiday in Thailand added in, my fitness was probably going to be questionable. And it was… I managed to get to 9-9 in the 1st, before my fitness was sapped for the remainder of the match and I didn’t really get going after that. 

Super-sub Dan made easy work of his opponent, showing glimpses of his old form winning 3-0 easily and winning us the match putting us 3-1 ahead. 

Finally it was Neil’s turn to bury the match well and truly. Thankfully I was in the shower for most of the match so my eyes didn’t ache too much from watching him, but I did make it to the balcony for the 5th game, during which Neil raced to an 8-2 lead. At this stage his opponent put in a bit of a fight back, and the balcony was getting a little edgy as the outcome of the game was in the balance. At 8-5 there was an absolutely huge rally lasting at least a minute, and at an absolutely crucial stage Neil shaped up to hit the nick at the front of the court, and well and truly rolled the ball out in what was probably the best shot of his entire squash career. Needless to say I made a little mess in my pants, Chris was ready to propose and even the opposition were cheering. Neil went on to win the match and seal a 4-1 win for the mighty Eastgate! 

We are now travelling home after munching pizzas in the students union, as if there is any better way to finish a match. Hopefully Neil falls asleep on the way home and me and Chris can listen to Lostprophets guilt free.

Dom Price


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