On behalf of the Red Imps Community Trust may I take this opportunity to congratulate the Imps on their historic achievement at Burnley and ensuring our club has not only engraved its name in FA Cup history but also in the broader football world.

The Imps’ fans completely silenced ‘Fortress Turf Moor’ for the entire game followed by a private party after the other three sides of the ground emptied as those clad in claret and blue left us to it and reality kicked in.

The Management and Board members joined our party at the final whistle to celebrate with the 3,210 passionate supporters who sang and danced as if nobody was watching.

However back in Lincoln thousands were watching along with the Imps’ exiles across the globe including a certain person in South Africa who had the vision to get the ‘Lincoln Loco’ departing the station.

Who knows its final destination?

“Spartacus, who’s Spartacus?”

Don’t worry Danny, we won’t bubble you as you are one of us!


Peter Doyle

Red Imps Community Trust

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