There is only one reason why Lincoln City have only been allocated a paltry 3,210 tickets for the FA Cup Fifth Round tie and you don’t have to be a genius to work it out.

The Turf Moor hierarchy are afraid that too many Imps’ fans would intimidate the Burnley players just as they did at Ipswich.

In short, they have taken the easy option and restricted the away support to decrease the chants and cheers from the Imps’ fans.

The extra revenue it would have brought to the Lancashire club would be a drop in the ocean compared to the money slushing around in their bank account .

Don’t forget every Premier League club received a £100,000,000 golden welcome from BT Sport at the start of the season.

So what’s an extra £5,000 revenue on catering and souvenirs Imps’ fans would have spent mean?


Burnley have also kept the ticket price down to £10. Why? It’s not rocket science. They want to encourage as much home support as possible in order to counter the noise that’s going to be made by the away fans.

And please, Burnley, don’t palm us off with the old chestnut ‘We are acting on police advice’.

Have a bit more respect for us.

The result of this injustice is that there will be a mad scramble for the remaining tickets at Sincil Bank after season-ticket holders have had their allocation.

If you saw people camping overnight outside Harrods on New Year’s Eve in readiness for the January sales and thought that was a sight to behold, just wait until the tickets for the match are released.

There will be queues around the stadium the like of which have never been seen before.

Yet this could all be avoided if Burnley FC had the guts to allocate more tickets to their Fifth Round opponents.

I hope manager Danny Cowley uses this as a motivator for his players because I know every single one of them care for the fans and hate to see them treated shabbily like this.

Come on, Burnley, for the sake of football, allocate us more tickets.

You could fill Turf Moor for the match.

Don’t be so narrow-minded.


Peter Hayward



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