January 2017 may well turn out to be a pivotal month in the history of Lincoln City.

It has certainly been a busy one for both players and fans alike.

The record reads: played eight, drawn one and lost one.

Those are pretty impressive statistics.

I believe the performances are down to the fact that Danny and Nicky Cowley realise that a settled and stable team within a strong squad are vital if success is to be achieved.

You have only to look at the disasters that met top teams in the FA Cup by their insistence on sending out teams not used to playing as a unit.

Another three points at Solihull last night is proof that the Imps’ squad, even without Theo Robinson, is capable of racking up points and victories that elude teams in higher divisions.

The key is consistency and stability.

This squad has both. More importantly Danny and Nicky Cowley know how to get the best out of each and every player.

They also know that team spirit is gold dust in football.

That’s why Lincoln City has an abundance of wealth on that score.


Peter Hayward

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