Two people who won’t be getting carried away with yesterday’s historic win are Danny and Nicky Cowley.

This doesn’t mean to say they are not happy.

However their number one priority is a quick return to the Football League.

That’s why at 6pm yesterday the brothers would have started preparing for the next test at Solihull Moors on Tuesday.

Such is the dedication of these two young men from Braintree.

As fans, let’s go to the moon and back. It felt like that when the referee blew the final whistle.

Let’s enjoy the ride on the Lincoln Loco.

We can afford to do that.

Every single supporter knows the club is in good hands.

We know that Danny and Nicky love everything about Lincoln.

That’s why this morning they will have their sleeves rolled up, all set to analyse Tuesday’s opponents.

But I do know that in their heart of hearts they will each be wearing the world’s biggest smiles!


Peter Hayward

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