Ask anyone who started dieting as part of a New Year resolution and I can guarantee one thing.

All they talk about is food. All they think about is food.

Then they continue to bore you about what you should and shouldn’t eat

Surely it is a bit of a contradiction making food the main topic of conversation when really you shouldn’t be reminding yourself of what you are going to eat for dinner.

Organisations make fortunes out of our gullibility with slogans like ‘Lose pounds in days with our diet’ or ‘Discover the new slim line you after two weeks’.

I have the answer. If you want to lose weight here are some straightforward, easy-to-remember suggestions.

Cut out cheese, bread, chocolate and potatoes.

Cut down on the booze.

Walk five miles every day.

It may sound harsh but who said losing weight is easy?

The trick is to combine exercise and cut out the foods which do most damage.

Results? In about one month someone will come up to you and say: “Blimey, you’re looking well.”

Peter Hayward



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