You often hear stories of footballers hammering on the manager’s door demanding to play in the team.

This begs the following question: how can the boss of a football club satisfy every member of the squad and offer regular first team football?

Answer: he can’t.

I asked Imps’ boss Danny Cowley the very same question. This is what he said.

“It’s the art of management that’s the key to it.

“Numbers one to 11 always takes care of themselves and then you have to manage 12-18 because these players win you the league.

“It’s always the depth you’ve got, particularly the fact that we are competing in three different competitions at the moment and trying to manage that part of the job with the boys on the periphery, particularly when you are on a really good run like we are on.

“Look at people like Alan Power and Jack Muldoon who are dead unlucky to be out of the team.

“Callum Howe couldn’t have done any more to be in the team.

“You have to empathise with that.

“I always speak to them. I don’t always say what they like to hear but I always look them in the eye and give them the truth how I see it.

“We try to look after them and try to make them feel valued as they should feel because they are so important to us.

“I have to say they are really good lads.

“None of them are individuals who put their own disappointment before the team.

“They all put the team first. They have been a credit to us.

“I always feel really proud when the subs come on and have a real impact.

“It also makes me proud because it says a lot about them as people who can put to one side the disappointment of not playing and still perform to the best of their ability.

“It says a lot about them as characters and says a lot about us as a group that really we are all in it together.

“It’s an important quality to have in a good team.”








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