How do you break down a resilient and stubborn defence?

How do you come back from behind and salvage three points in the last five minutes of a game?

How do you stay calm when all around are losing their heads?

Danny Cowley’s men provided the answers to these questions in a performance which required patience, a cool head and perseverance.

Let’s face it Guiseley’s position in the table is false. They are a decent outfit.

Their tactics were simple and effective: defend for your lives and hit Lincoln on the break.

Sam Habergham’s own goal came about from a Guiseley counter-attack from defence.

The opposition’s tactics worked until Alan Power’s equalising penalty in the second half.

After that they lost their self-discipline as well as two players and a manager!

What can we learn after that performance?

  1. Keep probing, roll your sleeves and dig in.
  2. Be patient and believe.
  3. Stick with it even though things are not working as they should.
  4. Maintain your fitness and overpower the opposition until the referee’s final whistle.
  5. Maintain spirit and team work.

That’s what Danny’ players managed to do yesterday.

It was not always pretty but hey it’s another three points on the board and a return to winning ways.

Not to mention a return to the top of the table.


Peter Hayward




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