Tiger Woods had to take a year off because of a back injury.

This didn’t hurt him too much financially because he has a few bob tucked away after his years at the top of the world golfing ladder.

But what about the professional sportsman or woman who is out of action through injury but is not as financially secure as Tiger?

Who pays the bills? How do you survive when the prize money dries up? When your sponsors see no benefits in backing you?

This sounds harsh but this is reality.

Lincoln professional golfer Sam Robinson had to cope with this scenario last year.

A pulled muscle in his chest meant swinging a club  became impossible.

Result? No competitions. No money.

Sam had to find alternative work and did so.

Fortunately he has made a full recovery and is about to return to the circuit with tournaments in Portugal and Egypt lined up next month

Sam is determined to achieve the success he had before the injury.

He is now on the way back.

But if you think professional sport is all about private jets and fast cars, think again.

It is a hard grind and only the tough like Sam Robinson survive.

Peter Hayward





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