SportsLinc caught up with Imps’ boss Danny Cowley yesterday to find out how he prepares his players for a game.

After a full analysis of videos of the opposition in action there comes the task of putting into practice what they have learned from watching the game on the big screen.

It is fascinating. If you want to understand how Danny and Nicky prepare the lads, read on.

This is what Danny had to say.

“On a normal week if we were going Saturday to Saturday we would obviously play on the Saturday.

“Nicky and I would then watch the game back at least twice on Sunday.

“Our whole Monday would start with video analysis when we would sit down with the players and annotate the game.

“The game gets broken into 28 different playlists including re-starts, attack and defence and turnovers in possession.

“We always try to make it interactive so the players can become problem-solvers on the pitch.

“There’s always a framework with a team and as coach and manager I try to give the players a framework to play within.

“This ¬†enables them to have the freedom to problem-solve from there.

“Match analysis plays a big part in Monday’s training.

“What comes out of our analysis then forms our training.

“The early part of the week the focus is very much on us and the areas that we maybe need to improve on.

“We also have fitness-based sessions on a Tuesday.

“On Thursday we start to look at the opposition. We look at their strengths.

“We break the game into five parts: attack, defence, attack to defence, defence to attack and then re-starts.

“We show the opposition in these five areas so the players get a picture of what it will be like.

“Our training will be geared up to drills or 11 v 11 with our squad players and academy lads acting as the opposition.

“Friday is similar but shorter and sharper.”

Now that’s what I call preparation!!

The next article will cover the issue of dealing with players who want to play but can’t break into the starting line-up.


Peter Hayward


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