Sportslinc caught up with Elliott yesterday and asked him about life at Sincil Bank.

Q. How has your game developed since you joined the Imps?

A. I’ve had to adapt from playing at the top of a diamond to a flat 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1. That’s part of your job. You have to be able to adapt your style of play to help the team.

Q. How has your own game improved?

A. I’ll be able to judge that when I start games for a full 90 minutes. I do feel physically better and technically I’m coming along.

Q. What have you learned from your fellow pros?

A. I’ve learned a lot both on and off the pitch. Everyone in the changing room has a massive impact. You pick up lots here and there. Everything helps both on and off the pitch.

Q. How about the last gasp equalizer against Aldershot?

A. It goes to show what the team is all about. We work as hard as we can until the very last minute. That goal was pivotal. It saved the game and we managed to get a point.

We remain positive and know there are areas to work on. Mentally the team is really positive.

Q. What can you offer the team?

A. That depends what position I’m playing. If I’m in midfield I am a solid, athletic person who can get forward and tackle.

I can score goals and create them.

I give as much as I can towards the team.





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