Danny Cowley’s message to his players on Saturday should consist of only one word: BELIEVE.

Ten matches unbeaten, second in the table, second round of the FA Cup.

We’ve never had it so good for a long, long time.

No need to tinker with the team. It’s settled down again after unfortunately losing Lee Beevers.

Ok Theo Robinson may not be everyone’s cup of tea but he is experienced and he can give defenders something to think about.

I know Danny has faith in him so that’s good enough for me.

A gentle reminder what happened when changes were made with the introduction of Tom Champion. It didn’t work out.

Stick with the same starting eleven because they know each other’s game and so can work as a team.

That’s the formation taken care of. What about tactics?

Go and attack them. Sitting back is not an expression in the Cowleys’ phrase book. Adopt the same high-energy, high-intensive style of play and get them on the back foot.

Finally I believe a big factor on Saturday will be the Lincoln City supporters.

I have spoken to the players about this. They revel in the support given by the best away fans in the National League.

It makes a big difference to the players’ mind-set when they know they are wearing the shirt for the people of Lincoln.

Believe me, they wear it with pride.

Belief leads to confidence and a positive attitude.

Danny has instilled that into his charges.

Me? I believe they will bring home the points after a 3-0 victory.

Peter Hayward



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