Imps’ boss Danny Cowley introduced a revolutionary fitness regime to Sincil Bank when he was appointed in June.

His scientific approach to training has enabled him to produce one of the hardest-working and fittest group of players in the National League.

If you need any evidence that fitness is related to success you have only to look at the present Chelsea team who cover more distance than any other team in the league.

If you look carefully you may even see Diego Costa sprinting for the ball or, God forbid, tracking back to help the defence!

SportsLinc talked with Danny Cowley and asked him about the fitness levels of his squad.

He said: “We are moving in the right direction.

“Physically we are about 75% of where we want to be.

“There is still more progress to be made but we are making big gains, there’s no doubt about that.

“It’s always a balance particularly at this time of year between fitness and freshness.

“You are trying to build up the fitness but keep the players fresh at the same time.

“That’s always the challenge in terms of training.

“We want to be able to play a high-energy passing game for 90 minutes but can’t quite do that at the moment but certainly by Christmas time and January we should be near 80-85%.

“Come March/April, at the business end of the season we aim to be somewhere between 95% and above.

“That will allow us to sustain the levels and intensity we want to play at.

“It’s work in progress. It doesn’t happen overnight.

“It is something we are working towards and we will get there.”

Having spoken to quite a few of the players this season they all agree they have never been fitter.

They have all bought into the Cowley regime and I expect an even stronger second half of the season based on their fitness levels.

Peter Hayward

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