Let me ask you a question. What would happen if for some reason Matt Rhead couldn’t turn out for the Imps?

The consequences don’t bear thinking about.

Let’s first look at what the big fella offers.

  1. Goals. Nine so far this season.
  2. Assists……lost count.
  3. A target for the team including keeper Paul Farman who looks for him every time.
  4. A key defender when the opposition have a corner.
  5. Vision. Knowing where to pass the ball before he receives it.

As a result of these key attributes Rhead is one of the most-respected strikers in the National League. For evidence look at his performances at Torquay and Chester.

What are the options if Rhead is injured?

  1. Play Jack Muldoon who is very quick and a fine player. But is he a target man?
  2. Buy another striker. The problem is cost. A National League striker could cost £100,000 and those in the Football League rarely want to step down to lower wages.
  3. Bring back Alex Simmons from his loan spell. The youngster is scoring goals for fun at FC Halifax but is he a target man? Would he survive against central defenders like the man-mountains of Barrow?
  4. Change the style of play. Easier said than done. Look what happens when Matt is substituted. The long, high ball is still punted up the pitch but alas there’s no target to reach.
  5. Play the ball out from the back and on the deck. Sounds very continental. Very Premier League. But would the fans prefer that?I think not.
  6. Go 4-3-3 with Hawkridge, Muldoon and Anderson up front. A possibility though you have to remember each was bought as a winger.
  7. Look for an improvement in Theo Robinson’s scoring ability.

Please don’t think that I am a harbinger of doom or negativity.

I have total faith in Danny and Nicky Cowley and I am convinced they are aware of the situation and are already acting on it.

They know far more about football than me.

I am just looking at the facts and what I see at the moment regarding an absent Matt concerns me.

Message to Matt. Stay fit and keep scoring …….please.

Peter Hayward




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