Alex Woodyard is a key player for Lincoln City. His passing ability and vision have played a major part in the Imps’ revival.

SportsLinc caught up with him the other day.

Q. Alex, how has your game developed since you came to Lincoln?

A. Obviously it’s a great stadium and a lovely pitch. You can get on the ball a lot more than I could last year because the pitch at Braintree wasn’t great.

Q What do you look for on the pitch from your team mates?

A. Hard work and everyone putting in a shift for each other. That’s probably the most important thing. When people work hard for each other it gives you that 10% extra.

Q Do you see yourself as a creative midfielder?

A. I’d like to say I do a bit of everything. I like to win the ball. I like to keep the ball moving for the team. I think I have got an eye for a pass.

Q. Do you know where you are going to pass the ball before you receive it?

A. I think if you can get a picture before you receive it you are less likely to give the ball away. Whenever I go to receive the ball I always try to have a picture so I can see what I’m going to do next.

Q. What improvements would you like to see in your game?

A. To score more goals would be the stand-out thing. If I was in the team to score goals I don’t think I’d play! There’s a lot of things I think I give to the team like stopping opponents’ attacks, dictating play and creating things for the team.

Q. What does it mean having Alan Power back in the team?

A. Alan is a very good player. His understanding of the game is very good. He has played a lot of games at this level. He is very experienced. Alan is a great player to have in the team and to play alongside.



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