If there’s one footballer a manager would have in his team it’s Bradley Wood.

This player is full of energy and has a mind-set where winning is the only option.

Managers like their charges to carry out a role in the team without question.

Bradley Wood knows his job. He breaks down attacks and passes the ball to Alex Woodyard.

Simple but very effective. Besides football is a simple game. Get the ball and pass it.

SportsLinc caught up with Bradley recently and asked him about his winning mentality.

He said: “I think it’s the only way you can look at any game.

“There’s no point in thinking we are only going to draw or get beat.

“If everyone goes in with a winning attitude there’s always a chance of winning the game.

“Everyone here is pulling in the right direction.

“We say that we shall go out and win.

“My job is to break up play and give Alex (Woodyard) the ball.

“He knows I will chase people and get the ball for him.

“I’ve been given a job to do and my job is to break up their play. There’s no reason to extend that.

“I do the simple things. I’d rather play my simple game.”

Now you know why Bradley Wood plays such a key role in the side.

His enthusiasm is infectious and his will to win spreads through the team.

He would be the first name on my team sheet.

You can listen to the whole of the interview with Bradley later on SportsLinc.


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