Football fans pay their gate money and therefore can criticise their team when things don’t quite according to plan.

It was perfectly natural for some Imps’ supporters to question Danny Cowley’s tinkering with a successful side.

I spoke to Danny recently about this.

He said: “We are aware you are going to get criticised if you change a team and then you lose.

“When you win it’s fine. We won the Torquay game but didn’t play particularly well.

“We made two changes at Tranmere and won that one.

“For me, the supporters, as soon as they come and pay their money have the right to say whatever they like.

“Football would be boring without opinion. We are happy for supporters to have their opinions.

“For us (changing the team) was a clear strategy. It hasn’t quite worked yet.

“We feel we needed an extra midfield player and we have an awful lot of confidence in Tom Champion.

“You have only got to look at what he’s done. He is still a young, hungry man willing to travel three hours to train and play for us.

“He was key to Cambridge’s success when they were promoted out of this division.

“He was key again when they had a successful season in League Two.

“He is a really quality player. I am very confident that Tom can come in and do a really good job for us.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to have time to be able to show that.

“We all have first impressions. We want our supporters to give players a chance.

I am happy for them to be as critical as they like about me. that is part of the territory.

“But I want them to support the players, which they are.”



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