I caught up with Lincoln City manager Danny Cowley recently who told me how he felt after the 2-1 home loss against Barrow.

He said: “You always have to feel the pain of defeat.

“We were disappointed with our second-half performance on Saturday.

“We played quite well in the first half but unfortunately Barrow scored in our two best periods of the game.

“We finished the first half the better team but lacked intensity and purpose in the second half.

“We allowed our game to go flat. We needed to try and create our own momentum but we didn’t quite do that.

“I don’t think Barrow did enough to win the game but when you play the way we did in the second half you can’t moan when you end up losing it.

“If you feel the pain of defeat you’re less likely to let it happen again in the future.

“We try not to let emotion affect our planning.

“Some managers plan training on the back of a result but for us planning is much longer term.

“I don’t think anyone makes good decisions under emotion.

“We train the same way regardless of the result and we have had a good, intensive week.”

Read Danny Cowley’s defence of Tom Champion later on SportsLinc.

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