Last time out Dave Frecklington told us about his three years as boss of Lincoln United.

In our second conversation I asked him about the type of manager he is and what he learned from his time in charge at the Sun Hat Villas.

He said: “I learned a lot from the managers I played for really and I did play for some really good managers in my time.

“You try and takes bits off each of them.

“The biggest thing I have learned in management is to be your own man.

“Obviously I had a good management team in Sam Wilkinson who has now taken the job on himself.”

“Sam was a great assistant. We had played together and had total 100% trust in each other.

“Chris Rawlinson, Kev Wright, Mark O’Leary¬†and Luke the physio all worked as part of the team and we gelled and bonded together.

“Everyone had a role to play.

“I also made sure everyone was involved but I had the last say on the team.

“The biggest thing I learned was that I had to make the decisions.

“If it went wrong it would fall back on me.If it goes right then obviously you will get the plaudits.

“To manage my local team was a proud moment for me.”

You can read Part Three of my chat with Dave tomorrow when he talks about what it was like taking over at Spalding United.

Peter Hayward


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