What do we really mean when we say a player has a great ‘football brain’?

To me it’s the ability to know where and how to pass the ball before you receive it.

I have noticed that when Lincoln City striker Matt Rhead receives the ball.

“He lays it off first time with either his chest or his foot especially if keeper Paul Farman punts a long ball in his direction.

I spoke with Matt about this the other day. He said: “You always have better control of the ball when you use your chest or feet.

“The problem with flicking it on with your head is that you don’t always find your player and you can’t see where the ball is going.

In brief that is a football brain. Creating an attacking move by having complete control of the ball and being aware of where your team mates are.

The theory is simple. Putting it into practice is a whole new ball game though big Matt has the football brain to do it.

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