Strength and conditioning expert Sam Vickers investigates the training regimes of boxers and looks at the implications of moving up weight divisions.

“Sheffield’s World Champion Kell Brook tonight fights the world’s best pound-for-pound boxer Gennady Golovokin.

“With Brook moving up two weight divisions from welterweight to middleweight many are predicting a similar fate that Amir Kahn received in May against Canelo Alvarez.

“Khan was viciously knocked out by his opponent after moving up two weight divisions.

“However, unlike Kahn, Brook appears to have gained genuine lean muscle mass whilst still maintaining his speed and power.

“This is in large part down to Sheffield Hallam’s University of Sport and Exercise Science team who have been working with Brook since he became World Champion.”

You can read the whole of this fascinating article on: where Sam looks at local boxer Nathan Decastro’s training programme and explains why training methods should be based around speed, explosive power and aerobic fitness.




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