We are back in league action following our magnificent 1-0 in the FA Cup over Ribbledale Cloggers last weekend.

We now march on to the second qualifying round and visit a mob from the Midlands who go by the name of the Tamworth Thunderbolts whose name suggests speed which methinks is something we don’t possess.

Nevertheless, only 10 more games and we will then be marching proudly on to that green baize at Wembley.

No, I don’t mean down the snooker club but the lush turf of the pitch.

Today provides us with another challenge.

We didn’t train this week as we all had banging headaches after our celebrations seven days ago.

I say seven days. It wasn’t that we had a hangover for that amount of time you understand.

No, it’s just that we kept drinking for seven days…………or so I was told.

This afternoon we face top-of-the-table Cherry Blossom Rangers and quite frankly I don’t rate our chances.

You see they are unbeaten so far this season and their striker scores goals for fun.

However we do have a secret weapon but I can’t tell you what it is yet in case the Football Association hand us down a hefty fine.

What I will say is that if we do manage to kidnap their star player we may well be in with a chance.

I will let you know later how we get on…..with the match of course and not the kidnap.


Tommy Hykeham



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