Next May’s weekend-long cycling extravaganza in uphill Lincoln is set to draw thousands of spectators from throughout the UK.

Events including the Criterium, Sportive, Uphill Dash and the Grand Prix will attract the country’s top cyclists.

Organiser Dan Ellmore told SportsLinc: “Riders love the fact that they will have 5-10,000 people cheering them on.

“Spectators love the fact they can get to watch these top riders speed through the city centre.

“Cycling is a sport you can get really close to and it’s quite unique in that way.

“The riders pass within inches of the spectators.

“However if you look at motor sport there has to be such a huge area of run-off between the circuit and the barriers and the crowd.

“We can’t put barriers up in Michaelgate because they would make the road too narrow.

“We have to trust the cyclists to stay in the road and trust the crowd not to step on the road.”



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