I can hardly believe it. We, the Lincoln Gladiators, have made it through to the second qualifying round of the most famous cup competition in the world. The FA Cup.

Saturday’s result against Ribbledale Cloggers was no fluke either.

That last-minute penalty by Eddie Ermine was just reward for standing up to a bunch of country yokels whose sole purpose in life was to boot us into the adjoining farmer’s field and land on the nearest cow pat!

This tactic actually worked on three occasions and you have to feel sorry for Lanky Larry Lindum who returned to the fray reeking of the very best of what an Aberdeen Angus could muster.

Not a pretty sight nor a subtle aroma.

In fact at one stage I thought Ribblesdale were going to let the cows on to our pitch and stampede us back to the sanctuary of the changing rooms. Honest. No bull!

Anyway, back to the match.

We won. I don’t know how we survived to make it through to the next round after our trip to ‘Deliverance’ country but we did.

At high noon today we find out who we face.

The lads have all met up at Currys to hear the draw. We thought it would be a good bit of bonding if we listened all together.

After that it’s down the pub to discuss tactics  which usually go like this: “Should we hit the Pale Ale first or should we start on the cocktails”?

Watch out ‘Spoons’ we’ll be there at 1pm.


Tommy Hykeham




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