It’s fair to say I am feeling a little rough this morning. That’s why I am so relieved it’s Bank Holiday Monday.

You see we actually beat the farm labourers of Barrowby Rovers on Saturday so yesterday was a day of celebrations in Spoons on the Brayford starting with breakfast at eight and finishing ……….who knows?

I actually thought I was seeing things in Lincoln yesterday but put it down to the ten pints of finest American pale ale I consumed.

I could have sworn I saw a guy with a goldfish bowl on his head and a propeller coming out of his back, walking up Steep Hill.

Next thing I bumped into, apart from the lampost on the Strait was a guy dressed like Michael Caine in the 1964 film Zulu.

I thought we were being invaded.

Finally I saw two women bursting out all over in their corsets and low-cut blousesĀ in what looked like a duelling match……with tea cups.

I am definitely going to have to cut down on the booze!!

Back to the game and I can safely say our opponents adopted a somewhat rustic, tactical approach.

Their defenders tended to chip our strikers out of play using their 1960s hobnail boots (no Puma Kings round there) to good effect.

A penalty settled the match in our favour after Lanky Larry Lindum was scythed down at the same time by five Barrowby defenders who were obviously in practice for the harvesting season.

So we won again. Hence the celebrations. Trouble is I woke up wearing a Top Hat and Flying Goggles.

Now what’s that all about??


Tommy Hykeham


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