I’ve just about recovered from the hangover following the celebrations  of our magnificent 5-0 win over Grimsdyke United  last Saturday.

Boy did we go out on a bender after that famous victory!!

My mate Eddie Ermine I’m sure has taken out shares in paracetamol over the past few days.

But we move on.

Training has gone well.

Lanky Larry Lindum has been practising his heading.

I have to say he has impressed me.

He jumps so high that he has to ask for permission to land.

Anyway tomorrow we face Barrowby Rovers who are made up of farm labourers whose main task in life is to chip the opposing strikers into touch.

I have warned the lads about this unsavoury practice and they are ready for anything Barrowby throw at us, including the freshly picked turnips that should have gone to market.

So it’s with reinforced jock straps and sharpened studs that we go into battle tomorrow.

I’ve promised the lads a night out on the Brayford if we win.

See you in Wetherspoons tomorrow……before the game!


Tommy Hykeham




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