When your team has had mixed fortunes throughout the season it can be difficult to re-group and continue with the same positive attitude you had on the first day of the campaign.

Russell Moore, Publicity Officer for the  Lincolnshire Bombers American Football team told SportsLinc how his team survived the highs and lows of last season and outlined the ambitions for the squad next year.

Russell said: “Despite our 10 games without a win there was lots of optimism within the team.

“The players fought well for each other and we were closer as a unit at the end of the season than we had been at the start.

“Recruitment for us will be key to us in the off-season.

“We will also be looking in particular to host some high-profile events in Lincoln so don’t be surprised if you see a few American Football players in full gear wandering up and down the High street!

“I think the main feeling we’ve come away with is that we have ‘been there’.

“We hit the low but still came through the other side with the team spirit better than ever.

“There’s a real determination to hit the ground running hard next year and with a few recruits we could make a charge at the play-offs.

“At the end of the day that is where we want to be.”

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