When Danny Cowley was appointed manger of Lincoln City along with his brother Nicky a few months back nobody could really judge how they would introduce their style of management into the club.

We saw that new training regimes had been introduced as part of the scientific approach to fitness and conditioning.

However it’s not only on the pitch where we have seen progression. What goes on off the pitch is equally impressive.

The players have rules and responsibilities to follow and I asked Danny the other day how it all worked.

He said: “The rules we have for the players have been agreed together.

“They are there for them because we want to be successful.

“The players have boundaries and parameters to work to because they like to know what they are allowed to do and not allowed to do.

“We aim to try and make the players self-disciplined.”

Danny’s style of management also includes a democratic process which has been taken on board by the players.

He said: “We split the squad into four groups.The younger ones, the ones who have just joined us, the senior players and the long-serving players.

“We have a representative from each group and we provide the opportunity for them to pass on any information that needs to be passed on.

“We feel that this keeps the lines of communication open.

“It’s the same on the pitch.

“We have leaders in different areas who have different responsibilities.

“The armband is less important to me.

“I would rather have seven or eight leaders if not more.”

Now that’s what I call management! I have seen it in action at Sincil Bank and I can honestly say it works!

Peter Hayward




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