Thirty-one-year-old Amy Wright has those words hung up on her wall.

Amy was diagnosed with MS two years’ ago but is determined to pursue her horse riding career despite the challenges such a condition poses.

Amy said: “I bought Jasmine six days after I was diagnosed with MS because I wanted to give myself something to focus on apart from being ill.

“I found quite quickly that any time I spent with Jasmine just made me feel better and made me forget about being ill.

“It’s very easy to feel sorry for yourself or to give up and say ‘I can’t do that because I’ve got MS’.

“However I see it as a challenge and I think it’s made me stronger.

“I don’t allow it to stop me doing anything.”

Amy is competing in a dressage event at Caythorpe on Jasmine at the weekend and is aiming to repeat the success of her fourth-place finish last time out.

She said: “When I am with Jasmine I can forget about being ill. She makes me feel better. Any time I spend with her I consider as almost therapy.”

Amy hopes eventually to compete in Eventing which consists of Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping.

She is certainly an inspiring and very positive young lady who believes:

“When I ride all I feel is free”.

You can hear the whole of that interview with Amy on Mix and Match between 3-5pm this afternoon on Siren 107.3 FM or

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